Monterey Park Police Officers' Association

Serving and Protecting your Community

Why Give Locally?

Here's what your donation can do:
Support from residents and businesses will go toward supporting officers in your city. It will encourage them, help them in times of need and dramatically improve morale within their ranks.
Your support will also help fallen officers and their families in your local community and across the nation. Help during devastating events such as these is critical for our officers and their loved ones.
Community programs such as scholarships, little league support and officer led activities are also directly impacted by your donation. Without your support, many of these crucial programs would not exist within our community.

Who We Are

We are the Monterey Park Police Officers Association (MPPOA). We are the men and women who wear blue and protect you. We are the body who negotiate work place conditions for 52 members of the community's police force. We are the men and women in uniform who come to your door in the time of need.

We are the people who safeguard your city while you work, sleep, dine and enjoy an exceptional quality of life in Monterey Park. We are the committed workers of the city and police department. We educate the public on public safety awareness and safety tips. We are a member of the Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce and support their causes. We give to the impoverished. We donate our money to many local charities and support many local fundraisers to include the West San Gabriel Boy & Girls Club, The Asian Youth Center, The MPPD Annual Youth Activities Golf Tournament, The Lions Club and many local school PTA's and much more.

We participate often in local holiday food donations and support Santa Clause every time he comes to town.

We are there for our members and the community and have been since 1979.

Executive Board

Troy Grant


Ray Cota

Vice President

Dave Castellano


Tony Huynh


Board of Directors

Rudy Contreras

Sebastian Jimenez

Dillan Ortiz

Jeremy Orate

Gunther Cruz

Show your Support!

Each year we strive to donate not only money, but also time, throughout the community to benefit numerous charities, groups, and national organizations.

To help us better serve you and our community we share, please feel free to join our mission by participating in any of our events or donating toward our cause.

Business Supporters

9-99 Foundation
Help A Hero

Monterey Park POA Yearbook